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Pay it forward

Your contribution as a volunteer can help protect the environment, ensure the long-term survival of a forest or an endangered species. Environmental volunteering is your chance to get involved and protect nature. It can also be a very fun way to become a member of a community that has healthy habits and likes to spend time in nature.

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”We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give."

Winston Churchill

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How can you get involved so that future generations can enjoy the planet?

  • A Google search is enough after you choose the cause you want to get involved in. You will find many associations looking for volunteers, regardless of age or gender. Environmental volunteering is not just for young people! If you have a minimum of free time and you care about the community in which you live, start searching!

  • Plant trees! There are people in Romania who share the same wonderful goal, namely to take part in the expansion of forests in our country. Get yourself involved! You can give a tree as a gift or you can plant it yourself by taking part in the afforestation actions. This activity can also be super fun if you include into the story a picnic and plenty of vitamin D offered by the sun.

  • Help protect certain areas in Romania! There are organizations that protect nature reserves in our country. One of the most famous areas is the Danube Delta. Pollution, poaching, lack of resources of the authorities, depopulation of localities cause the protected areas to be in a continuous degradation. You can help clean up, turn polluted areas into green ones and promote their image to EU institutions.

  • Initiate a cleaning action in your community! You don't have to gather a team of hundreds of people and cover a huge area to have a successful sanitation action (although it's great if you do that!). It can be just as easy to pick up trash around your neighborhood with a few friends. If you collect garbage, you reduce groundwater pollution and protect the habitat in which you live. In addition, you can do it anywhere - including near rivers and on the beach.

  • Help wild animals! If you shed a few tears every time you watch videos with cute animals on your social media feed, you need to get involved in an action like this at least once in your life. In Romania, the main reason why you can volunteer is to save the brown bears, which lately are getting closer and closer to people's homes and end up being injured or killed by poachers.

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  • It was concluded that if you volunteer outdoors with your family, you can significantly improve your relationship with other members.

  • Depression is triggered, among other things, by social isolation. When you volunteer, especially regularly, you maintain permanent contact with others and form a solid support system.

  • If you are in high school or college or you are going to change your field of activity, volunteering is a great way to meet people in the field in which you want to work.

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