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Home is where your pet is.

In recent years, more and more people want to become more ecofriendly. Whether we are at work, at school or at home, we try to reevaluate our daily habits and live in harmony with the environment. What about our pets? Can they also live in a sustainable way?

Of course they can, they just need your help for that. There seems to be an expression: "dogs are human too", isn't it?

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”Intelligence is the ability of a species to live in harmony with its environment”

Paul Watson

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We can raise animals with a reduced "paw" on the environment: 

• Use natural materials for the cat's toilet (ecological clay, natural sand, etc.)

• Choose products made of biodegradable materials.

• Use cleaning and grooming products from brands that use natural, organic and chemical-free ingredients. These products are good for the pet's skin and do not affect the environment.

• Buy containers for water and animal feed from non-toxic materials. Certain plastic bowls can emit toxins.

• Use your old textiles as blankets for your pet.

• You can reduce the large number of plastic toys by purchasing toys made from recyclable materials (string, hemp, bamboo, cardboard or recyclable plastic) or you can make the toys yourself if you are inventive.

• Choose organic food, without artificial colors or preservatives and give up meat at least twice a week.

• Don't forget to pick up after your pet! In many places, this is a legal obligation. Proper collection and disposal of waste is a health issue for everyone. Make sure you use biodegradable bags!

• Last but not least: love your pet and never abandon it!

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• Many pet toys are full of endocrine disrupting BPAs and toxic lead. They are especially common in chew toys (which are often eaten).

• If your dog likes to gnaw a lot, choose 100% natural rubber products.

• If you have a small animal, such as a rodent or rabbit, you should know that there are paper-based beddings made from 100% recycled waste.

• You can adopt animals remotely - that is, you can finance their shelters and food on a monthly basis.

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