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Bring the care for the environment in your luggage!

We go on vacation to enjoy nature and relax; and whether we choose to go to the sea or to the mountains, or even a city break, let's have a wonderful vacation, while protecting that place that gives us so much joy!

Every trip is a joy and an opportunity to discover new places and things. And if we receive so much from these trips, it is good to also give something back to the places and communities visited.

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”Travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world.”

 Gustave Flaubert

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How do we enjoy the holidays so that our descendants can enjoy the same places?

  • Choose less distant destinations, so that you can get there by other means of transportation (train, bus), not only by plane. Choose the most ecological form of transport!

  • Choose energy-efficient accommodation that uses green energy sources and recycles!

  • Limit water consumption: take shorter showers, do not let water run!

  • Use towels and bed linen at the hotel for several days!

  • Turn off the light and the air conditioning when you leave the room!

  • Get around by renting a bicycle instead of a car / scooter / ATV!

  • Take a reusable water bottle with you for refills.

  • Don't buy souvenirs that could be made of illegal materials or endangered species (ivory, animal skins, shells, coral, etc.)!

  • Before leaving home, make sure that the heating / cooling and unnecessary appliances, such as the modem and DVR, are turned off.

  • Eat local food and products on your travels. You will help the communities you visit and you will not encourage bringing food from a great distance.

  • Stay away from all-inclusive packages - there's a lot of food waste.

  • Do not ride elephants, do not take pictures with monkeys and do not encourage the use of animals in tourism.

  • Travel out of season - it can be a more enjoyable experience to admire the sights without queuing.

  • Swimming, snorkelling or hiking are better than safaris, jet skis or offroads - any motorized activities have a great impact on the environment.

  • Don't forget to tip those who work in the hospitality industry – often, their salaries are very low and they depend on tips.

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  • For distances between 500 and 800 km, a car with two or more people is more efficient in terms of carbon emissions than flying. If flying cannot be avoided, choose airlines with high aircraft occupancy rates.

  • Cycling, camping and sailing are activities that you can do in nature, which result in a low carbon footprint.

  • Photos are the best souvenirs - don't buy things you'll never use.

  • Cruises are not the most sustainable form of vacation - they have a huge energy consumption and generate a lot of waste.

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