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Well-being at home

It is said that during your life you have to build a house, raise a child and plant a tree. If the time has come to buy an apartment, to build a house or simply to renovate the one you already live in, it is good to know that there are a lot of possibilities, materials, technologies and tricks that you can apply in order to have a passive house.

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”What’s the use of a fine house if you haven’t got a tolerable planet to put it on."

Henry David Thoreau

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How do you build an ecofriendly house?

•  Do not buy a very large house if your family consists of only 2-3 members!

•  Choose a house in an area easily accessible by public transport and make sure you have facilities (supermarket, pharmacy, etc.) within walking distance!

• Choose a minimalist design style!

• Opt for LED or CFL lighting systems, because they have a much longer lifespan than regular ones!

• Choose appliances from the upper energy class!

• Install photovoltaic panels to reduce electricity consumption from non-renewable sources!

• Insulate the walls and roof of the house to reduce the temperature transfer to the outside!

• Buy a smart thermostat – you will have a constant temperature inside the house.

• Install a dual-flush toilet.

• Invest in an air purifier!

• Choose furniture made of natural materials: wood, bamboo, recycled wood.

• Emphasize the correct insulation of windows and doors.

• Refurbish old wood flooring and solid wood furniture.

• Use natural water-based paint.

• Choose to buy from local producers: support the national economy and save CO2 emissions.

• Install sensor lights that will turn off automatically if no one is nearby.

• Read the number of lighting hours on the light bulb boxes before buying them.

• Choose carpets and drapes made of natural fabrics: linen, cotton.

• Pay attention to the type of mattress: it should be certified organic or made of fibers such as hemp.

• Design a kitchen with a compartmentation system for selective waste collection.

• Invest in a bidet to reduce toilet paper consumption.

• To avoid heat loss, do not build a house with a high ceiling.

• Choose modular furniture that can be adapted either when you change your home or if you feel the need to redecorate.

• Opt for a pressure compensated aerator.

• Pay attention to construction and demolition waste - pay a specialized company to take it over.

• Install smart sockets that you control via WIFI on your phone and you can see real-time power consumption.

• Do not place the refrigerator in sunlight.

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• Antique fairs or second-hand sites can be a source of fantastic discoveries: old, special, unique products at bargain prices.

• Read product reviews carefully before ordering, to be sure you are making the right choice for your needs.

• If a product is more expensive but lasts at least twice as long as the cheaper alternative, then it is actually the cheaper product.

• Be careful about bedding which does not wrinkle / iron – it is often chemically treated and therefore not healthy.

• Some curtains have an air purification function. Choose the alternative of blackout curtains.

• Carpets not only have a decorative or echo attenuation role, but also contribute to saving energy consumption for heating.

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