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Some things are priceless. For the rest, there is online payment.

Companies send huge amounts of paper every month to collect various payments. Customers send back even larger amounts of paper to pay those bills. Most of these actions are not necessary.

You can save some money and reduce you environmental impact by paying you bills electronically. Online payments save time, money and environmental costs. 

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"Make a big impact by making a little impact!"

Henry David Thoreau

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Online is always easier:

  • The way to pay online should be easy enough. Every company that sends you an invoice most likely offers the opportunity to receive and pay invoices electronically. Check the customer account to see if electronic payment of invoices is available.

  • You can pay the bills online at: the cable TV company, the mobile phone company, the internet provider, the gas company, the bank (in case of a loan), the electricity company, the insurance company and in some situations you can also pay for upkeep.

  • Why online shopping? The desired store is always open, you save fuel and reduce your carbon footprint, you can read all the reviews in silence, you don't have to wait in line and you can think twice before buying a product, thus avoiding compulsive shopping as much as possible.

  • Be an informed consumer! Ask questions about the sustainability of the brand you use. The number of consumers who consider the environment when shopping has increased from year to year.

  • If you have an online business, it is essential to encash with cards, online. In the context of the pandemic, many more customers prefer to pay exclusively by card.

  • Do not ask for the receipt when withdrawing money from the ATM.

  • Use your tablet or phone for notes.

  • Send online invitations, letters, official addresses and invitations to weddings or baptisms.

  • Implement a digital signature and use the electronic version of contracts.

  • Choose the online version of magazines and newspapers.

  • Choose the electronic version of airline tickets, movie tickets, boarding passes, etc.

  • Don't forget about distance learning courses that you can take online, from the comfort of your own home.

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GreenBiz points out that a family can save 3 kilograms of paper and 78 kilograms of greenhouse gas emissions simply by paying for most utilities electronically.

In economics, there is this new trend called dematerialization, which refers to the absolute or relative reduction of the amount of materials needed to perform economic functions in society. In common terms, dematerialization means doing more with less.


In Romania, the payment of taxes and fees established by the public institutions enrolled in the system, as well as contravention fines, can be done on the website.

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