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Nature in your home

The  garden or yard is an expression of the house just as the house is an expression of your personality. In an increasingly polluted world, we need a breath of fresh air. Time spent in the garden is important for physical and mental health, relieves you of stress and worries and brings you into contact with nature.

Either it's a hobby and you enjoy growing plants and even fruits and vegetables, or you just like to have a neat yard, there are a few things you should keep in mind if you want to really be in harmony with nature.

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”To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow.”

Audrey Hepburn

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We cultivate, but we do not pollute!

• Study the land you have before choosing plants: observe where the sun shines the most and also take into account how much space you have - don't forget that plants and trees grow.

• Use organic soil.

• Choose perennial plants.

• Do not use chemicals, pesticides or other types of chemical fertilizers.

• Water the plants in the evening, especially in summer.

• We all like palm trees, but their place is in exotic and warm destinations. Choose trees, shrubs or plants specific to our climate.

• Choose terrace furniture made of natural materials.

• You don't need as many devices, such as a leaf blower. A lawn mower is enough.

• Invest in an automatic irrigation system.

• Use the water you used to wash fruits and vegetables to water the flowers.

• Plant bee-friendly flowers and plants.

• Install bird feeders.

• You can use grass and vegetable waste to make compost.

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  • Make biodegradable compost from leftovers and don't forget to grow your own vegetables from the roots of those already eaten.

  • Rainwater and banana peels are a nutritious mixture for plants. Collect water in containers and use it to water the plants.

  • Think of the well-being of bees that pollinate plants and use only natural elements to care for them.

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