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Train your Captain Planet muscles!

A more sustainable life is as much about personal health and well-being as it is about protecting the environment. Decent air quality, proper physical activity and good sleep are some of the crucial factors you should think about if you want to take proper care of yourself.


We care about our health, we do sports and we take care of our body. However, all this is not enough, if the environment in which we live is a sick, polluted one.

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”Nature connection is a contact sport”

Scott D Sampson

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How to take care of the planet while you work out?

• Bring your own bottle of water to the gym and refill it whenever needed, instead of using disposable glasses or buying another bottle of water.

• Use only one towel, even if you have countless ones. Or even better, bring your own towel from home.

• After training, take a shorter shower.

• Purchase sports equipment made from recycled or durable materials.

• Choose to do outdoor sports whenever you have the opportunity. Tennis, jogging, yoga are just some of the alternatives for outdoor exercise.

• In nature, unlike in a gym, there are no turned on lights, air conditioning equipment or TVs.

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• The energy consumption of a gym for operating fitness equipment is very high, so some health centers have found the solution to install devices that produce electricity by using the kinetic energy produced by equipment such as treadmills.

• Cadbury House is the first gym in the world to collect the energy generated by its members. Thus, 100 W per hour are returned to the power supply of the building, and the treadmill uses 30% less electricity, generating the power needed for devices displays.

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