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It is important to raise children who love nature and care for the environment. Remember that little ones learn by example, so all you have to do is to be good, sustainable parents.

What can you do to make sure that your child's upbringing is in harmony with the environment?


  • Don't just buy new things! Friends can certainly give you clothes and shoes that are too small for their children. The little ones grow so fast that the clothes don't wear out at all.

  • Replace purchased jams and packaged sweets with homemade jams, compotes and cakes. In addition to being much healthier, you avoid a lot of packaging.

  • Rearrange the menu by opting for food from local or organic sources, whenever possible.

  • Choose fragrance-free cleaning and baby care products. Opt for glass bottles with silicon teats and avoid plastic food containers where possible.

  • Replace body oils for children with natural olive, sweet almond or coconut oils, and for washing you can use unscented shaving soap or completely omit the soap, rinsing only with water.

  • Decorate the child's room using non-toxic building materials, such as water-based paints, formaldehyde-free floors and recycled products.

  • Stop buying new supplies if last year's ones can still be used!

  • Plan fun outdoors activities with the little ones, on ecological topics. Plant trees, work in the vegetable garden and create your own utensils or decorative objects from recycled materials.

  • When you are pregnant, try to adapt your own clothes - variants with elastic or larger sizes or borrow from friends who have already given birth. After all, you will only wear them for a short period of time.

  • Do not buy clothes in the first months after you give birth and wait for you to return to your original size.

  • Buy bigger clothes for children, in order to be worn for longer periods.

  • Don't buy too many baby care products.

  • Use natural products.

  • Choose organic rubber toys.

  • Try the washable diaper option.

  • Avoid unhealthy snacks. Prepare something at home.

  • Track the list of nutrients in a product and not the number of calories.

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”We must teach our children to smell the Earth, to taste the rain, to touch the wind, to see things grow, to hear the sun rise and the night fall. To care!”

John Cleal

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Cancer rates in children have increased by 25% since 1975, the main cause being the increasing use of pesticides, herbicides and insecticides, the residues of which are found in food. The solution is to buy organic food, where possible, and use detergents and disinfectant soaps as little as possible.

Flame retardants in bed linen, car seats and children's foam products (care pillows and mats) contain chemicals with a long-term impact that cause endocrine disorders, lower IQ, ADD, fertility problems and cancer.

Talc used as a drying agent in baby powder is a known lung irritant that can also be carcinogenic.

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