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A meal in the middle of the nature

For those in love with nature, "a nice outdoor meal" is a picnic outing. After the winter months, this is a good way to reconnect with the outside and feel the embrace of nature. But nothing shows a greater love and appreciation for nature than an ecological picnic.

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”You will not find WiFi in the forest, but you will find a much better connection!"”

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How do you enjoy nature without leaving marks on it?

  • Choose to go on a picnic in the park or in a green area next to the house, so you can get there on foot or by bike. This saves fuel and reduces pollution.

  • Give up disposable plastic plates and cutlery, even recyclable ones! Bring your own plates and cutlery from home, even cloth towels, which you can wash and reuse!

  • Organize your shopping list well and buy only what you need, in order to avoid wastage!

  • Replace the traditional grill with homemade sandwiches, seasonal fruits and fresh vegetables!

  • Finally, clean the picnic area and possibly the neighbours' area, if they have left a mess!

  • If the picnic area is equipped with selective waste collection containers, use them accordingly. If the picnic area does not have such facilities, you can transport the garbage home to sort and throw it away.

  • Do not use charcoal at a picnic - there are lighters made from coconut or organic alternatives.

  • Smoke produced by a grill contains dangerous substances, try an electrical alternative.

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  • In our country, picnics are allowed only in designated areas, provided that the rules of garbage collection, noise level and not causing damage to the environment are observed. Violation of these legal provisions (Law 54/2012) can be sanctioned with fines between 100 and 5,000 lei.

  • Disposable plastic utensils are the seventh most frequently collected plastic item in nature.

  • In addition to the relaxing and fun side of picnics, certain inappropriate activities or negligence can lead to accidents or injuries: forest fires, burns caused by cooking in nature, encounters with wild animals in search of food, etc.

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