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Let’s get this eco party started!

The obsession with consumerism, especially when it comes to a party, disposable utensils, food waste and the multitude of packaging left behind after only a few hours of fun, turns any party into a small "ecological bomb".

It is a reality that saddens us, but the solution is not to give up the celebrations that bring us so much joy, but to better plan things and be more responsible.

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”It is one world. And it’s in our care. For the first time in the history of humanity, for the first time in 500 million years, one species has the future in the palm of its hands.”

David Attenborough

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How do we have fun without any damage?

  • Give up decorations with balloons and disposable banners! Decorate the table with flower petals instead of confetti and create your own banner from recycled paper or canvas, which you can reuse every year.

  • Use solar lamps if it is a garden party! The ambient light will be much more pleasant, and the environment will be grateful to you.

  • Send invitations in digital format and let your friends know that you are organizing an ecological party. It will help them understand the non-traditional choices you will make in this regard.

  • Think of a menu in which vegetarian or vegan products predominate and get supplies from local producers. You will save fuel and help the local economy.

  • Give up disposable cutlery and tableware! Use the traditional ones or make a menu that can be served by hand!

  • Did you fail to appreciate the amount of food needed and did you make too many preparations? Freeze the remaining food and eat it for the next few days or offer guests a package when they go home! The leftovers can be offered to those who have puppies.

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  • These sustainability lessons that you will offer to your guests or to the child whose day you are celebrating, are the best long-term gift you could give.

  • For a truly memorable invitation, you can take inspiration from Botanical PaperWorks. These invitations are printed on envelopes with flower seeds, so after the guests have noticed the location and details of the party, they can plant the invitation directly in the ground and watch the flowers grow over time.

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