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Less is more

Do you know what is the best thing you can do to get rid of unnecessary things that take up space?

Don't buy them at all in the first place.

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”The majority of things we think we need, are only things we want. Look around. All that clutter used to be money.”

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Știi care e cel mai bun lucru pe care îl poți face ca să scapi de lucurile inutile care ocupă spațiu? Să nu le mai cumperi deloc în primul rând. 

  • Do not fall prey to all kinds of offers meant to create a need and make you buy and consume.

  • Ask yourself twice if you really need something before buying it.

  • Reuse, donate, recycle or sell anything you no longer use.

  • Don't surround yourself with things, surround yourself with people you love!

  • Gift experiences, not things.

  • Bring out the things that you no longer use in front of the house, maybe someone else needs them.

  • Sell or donate clothes, handbags, shoes or accessories that you no longer wear.

  • Clean your things regularly, sort out what you use and what you don't use, put them in a bag and give them to those who need them.

  • If you don't need anything, don't buy anything. Even if it's Black Friday or the end-of-season discounts.

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  • In 80% of the time, we only wear 20% of the things we have.

  • Planned obsolescence is a type of product design and marketing policy through which the life of that product (electrical and electronic equipment) is artificially shortened or limited to a certain period of time in order to maximize profits by causing buyers to replace certain products more often than they normally would.

  • It is 100% cheaper if you do not buy.

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