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Sustainability has become a key term, increasingly used in business, conferences, shows and press articles or even in discussions between friends. In recent years, sustainability has become fashionable, and while large companies compete in promoting Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) reports and public figures are increasingly concerned about the environment, few people actually know what it means to be sustainable. Studies show that people want to live in a healthy and clean environment, but do not know what solutions they have in order to contribute to it.


Beyond PR or greenwashing campaigns, the mirage of products labeled bio or organic, fashion or design trends, sustainability is a lifestyle that is built every day through the conscious choices we make.


Far from being an exhaustive encyclopedia of sustainability, this guide is rather a collection of information that will help you understand some basic principles of a lifestyle with minimal impact on the environment.


Before you rush to say that you do not have the time, money or desire for such an approach, it would be good to know that sustainable does not necessarily mean lack of comfort, expensive, less beautiful things or less tasty food. A sustainable lifestyle actually means consuming fewer resources, valuing quality over quantity. It means respect for people, for the environment and for yourself. It means making responsible, conscious choices.


This guide is for you, dear reader, the one who wants to be better and do good around yourself. It is your right to choose to live healthier and with a smaller environmental footprint. You may find that you have already done some things without knowing that they are eco-friendly. You will certainly discover things that never crossed your mind that they can contribute to the pollution. All our recommendations may not suit you, but it is important to choose what you believe in and not give up, start over every day and build new, sustainable habits.


It actually takes very little to change much: choose to walk instead of taking the car, climb the stairs instead of using the elevator, drink a smoothie instead of a soft drink, always ask yourself: Do I really need it, is this really making me happy? Buy less, reuse more, recycle what's left, value quality and choose ethics. Remember that if one thing is cheap, it does not necessarily mean that it cost a little, but only that someone else is paying the price. So be fair. That's about it.


Our daily choices, consciously multiplied on a large scale, every day, can have a huge positive impact.



The road to sustainability starts now and never stops!



ENVIRON Association is a collective, non-governmental and non-profit organization that takes over the legal responsibilities of manufacturers and importers of electrical and electronic equipment in order to facilitate the collection, treatment, recycling and non-polluting disposal of waste from electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE).

As a promoter of circular economy in our country, ENVIRON Association aims to contribute to a cleaner environment, not only by improving a responsible WEEE management system, but also by implementing projects and campaigns that encourage changing habits regarding selective collection and adopting a sustainable lifestyle.


ECO SYNERGY is an organization that implements the extended liability of manufacturers in the field of packaging and packaging waste, with national coverage. For ECO SYNERGY, taking over environmental responsibilities represents not only compliance with specific legislation, but also an important step in educating our society and protecting the environment, and also an important component in the context of the circular economy model to which we want to move as a society.

By taking over the legal obligations for reporting, recycling and recovery of generated packaging waste, ECO SYNERGY substantially contributes to the protection of natural resources.


STRATOS is a company that offers consultancy in the field of environmental protection and environmental services throughout Romania. Through the provided environmental services, STRATOS ensures that its partners comply with their obligations under environmental legislation and, at the same time, increases their responsibility towards the environment, so as to ensure a sustainable economy and society. STRATOS team has extensive experience in environmental consulting, with over 1000 clients and over 100 environmental and other specialized studies. Stratos – Environmental excellence. 

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