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You are sexy when you recycle!

Recycling is the simplest and most talked about gesture. And yet: why don't people recycle? Beyond the lack of information, other reasons are the lack of access to recycling infrastructure, the lack of space for additional bins and the lack of time to separate recyclables.

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”There is no such thing as away. When we throw anything away, it must go somewhere.”

Annie Leonard

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What should you know about recycling?

  • When thinking about recycling, people often have in mind the image of environmental activists. However, recycling can be super fun (especially for the little ones) and can make you feel a little more protective of nature and future generations.

  • Do it for the kids! Turn recycling into a game. Once you have collected all the waste, play a sorting game. Have children put on gloves and separate waste into recyclables and non-recyclables. You can weigh how much garbage you have produced. Older children could also multiply the weekly garbage weight by 52 (weeks of the year) to determine how much waste their family produces each year and what can be reused or recycled.

  • Recycling station. If you have space in the house, create a corner in which to put a few trash cans (at least for household waste and recyclable waste). The easier it is for you to recycle, the more chances you have to do it!

  • Document yourself! What can you recycle? Almost everything that you can think of! Waste is only the visible part of an individual iceberg: the obvious proof of our daily choices: clothes, toys, food, cosmetics, electronics. We produce waste every time we buy, consume or move. Selectively collect paper / cardboard, plastic / metal and glass at home. You can also use the glass in a decorative way. Also be careful where you throw your batteries and what you do with broken electrical and electronics! This is the most environmentally harmful waste.

  • Recyclable waste must be emptied and cleaned of any traces of food or other products and crushed, folded or flattened to take up as little space as possible.

  • Reuse the paper to write the to-do list or shopping list

  • Waste management is much easier with the help of smart applications. In recent years, many environmental organizations or companies have developed this type of apps that help you find the nearest collection points or inform you about collection campaigns. Recycling is just a click away!

  • Beware of expired medicines, used light bulbs and batteries! They are particularly dangerous and must be handed over at specially arranged points.

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Electrical waste is hazardous, because it contains heavy metals, freon, flame retardants, capacitors, mercury and it does not biodegrade over time, but destroys the ozone layer, contaminates water, soil, air, contributes to global warming and affects human and animal health.

• Historians believe that recycling appeared with the first crafts. The first attestation dates from Antiquity, in Rome and Ancient Greece, where glass and bronze were recycled by melting. The first mention of recycling was in the time of Plato, who wrote about the importance of this gesture, trying to promote the idea that you have to get the most out of a product and the resulting waste.


• saving natural resources and reducing energy consumption

• the protection of the environment and human health

• the development of the green industry and job creation

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