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A healthy lifestyle starts at the supermarket

We are big shopping enthusiasts, and this has turned us into a consumer society, with serious repercussions on the environment. It will be difficult for us to give up the habit of shopping even when we don't need anything, but we could opt for smarter and more sustainable ways of shopping.

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”The most environmental friendly product is the one you didn't buy.”

Joshua Becker

How to shop in a smart way?

  • • Give up disposable plastic or paper bags when shopping and opt for large reusable bags.

  • • Buy local products from local traders to reduce pollution caused by shipping products over long distances.

  • • Buy seasonal vegetables and fruits.

  • • Buy products in recycled packaging.

  • • Give up pre-washed and plastic-wrapped vegetables and fruits and buy regular products that you wash at home.

  • • Reuse storage containers, such as ice cream containers or yogurt buckets.

  • • Avoid impulse shopping! At home you will find that you did not need them and in the end they will end up in the trash.

  • • Eat before you go shopping!

  • • Pay attention to the expiration date!

  • • Buy products in bulk.

  • • Give up coffee capsules!

  • • Try to reduce frequent trips to the store! Once there you will be tempted to buy more than necessary. In addition, if you drive, reducing the number of visits to the store, you also save fuel.

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  • • Every year, a third of food production is dumped globally.

  • • Every Romanian throws away 16 kilograms of food per month, respectively 129 kilograms of food per year, which represents almost 12% of the purchased food.

  • • By buying bulk products, you not only protect the environment, but also make significant savings (these products are cheaper than packaged ones).

  • • On average, we go shopping 4 times a week, and if each time we buy only one plastic bag, in a year we would use 200 such bags. Globally, statistics say that 500 billion plastic bags are used annually.

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