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  1. Before you rush to buy new products or throw away old ones, don't forget that you can fix them.

  2. Sell, donate or recycle what you no longer use.

  3. Sharing is caring! Many of our items lie unused, so why not borrow a drill or a tent only when you need it?

  4. Read the list of ingredients! The longer it is, the more likely it is to contain unhealthy items.

  5. What is at the beginning of the list of ingredients is in large quantities, what is mentioned at the end is almost insignificant.

  6. Not everything that is certified is organic and not everything that is organic is certified.

  7. Don't give in to temptation: don't buy more than you need! Make a list of the things you really need and don't deviate from it.

  8. Buy from local producers.

  9. Avoid products packaged in plastic or with excessive packaging.

  10. Choose products in larger packaging. You will buy less often and you will save money.

  11. Choose natural products.

  12. Aim not to buy anything for 3 months.

  13. What is in the box must also be on the box.

  14. Teach family members and friends to follow your example.

  15. Read and keep yourself informed.

  16. Refuse disposable plastic products.

  17. Pick up trash even if it's not yours.

  18. Use what you already have.

  19. Take care of your belongings.

  20. Eat more vegetables and fewer animal products.

  21. Choose transport options that are as sustainable as possible.

  22. Ask your grandparents: they know a lot about the maximum use of a product and the prevention of waste generation. 

  23. Support brands that invest in sustainable alternatives and quality products.

  24. Quality over quantity.

  25. Turn everything off: light, appliances, water. 

25 de principii ale sustenabilității: About
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