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Oh car, little car...

The main function of a car is the ability to transport us from point A to point B. But a personal car means much more than that. It means autonomy, freedom, control, independence and mobility. It represents the possibility to travel short or long distances, safely and whenever you need. Sometimes, owning a personal car is a matter of rank, an extension of one’s personality. Whether you are passionate about cars and driving is a pleasure for you, or you have to use a car due to your job, there are a few things you can take into account to have the least impact on the environment. We must not forget, however, that congested traffic is one of the major sources of air pollution.

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"The world is changed by your example, not by your opinion."

Paulo Coelho

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Eco drivers? Yes, please!

Choose an electric car. More and more manufacturers have hybrid or electric cars on offer, so you have a varied choice.

• Consider a used car, but not a very old one, and take into account the emission class.

• One car for a family is enough.

• Share the car with colleagues on the way to work: carpooling is widely used in the USA.

• Opt for a smaller car. It is more economical, more eco-friendly and easier to park.

• Keep in mind that 85% of the environmental impact of a car is generated by the way you drive.

• Use the cruise control (autopilot) option.

• Stop the engine when parked.

• New cars stop automatically when parked in the Neutral position. If you do not have this option, you can stop the car when you park.

• Do not overuse the car. You can cover short distances on foot.

• If it is very crowded, take the subway or other means of public transport.

• Leave home early to avoid spending a lot of time in the car during peak hours.

• Share the car with friends when you go on holiday together.

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• Ecodriving = the art of driving with low fuel consumption, low CO2 emissions, better air quality and lower accident rate.

• Evaluate the road in front of you and the level of traffic to avoid sudden acceleration or braking.

• Keep a greater distance from the car in front.

• Change gears at a maximum of 2000 rpm.

• Drive at a lower speed.

• Use air conditioning in moderation, don't forget that you can also open the window from time to time.

• Do not load the car too much and do not carry luggage that you do not need.

• Periodically check tire pressure.

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